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Re: trying to purge getty

On Tue, 12 Nov 1996, Richard G. Roberto wrote:

> Not that this is imoportant, but i have installed the mgetty package
> and wanted to purge the getty package, but I can't because getty is
> required. What do I need to do to get this to purge? I was hoping
> mgetty would replace agetty as the default getty. I also thought it
> would replace the getty(8) man page, but it did not. Any clues here?

simple, use mgetty for modem lines and [a]getty for virtual consoles.

edit /etc/inittab and change the modem line gettys to mgetty. the latest
mgetty package adds some (commented out) sample lines to inittab.

also, try 'man mgetty'.


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