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Routing Problems

Whenever I try viewing the current routing tables by typing "route" or 
"netstat -r" at the command prompt I only get the standard header - no 
information.  The command just hangs and I must Ctrl-C to get out.  I've 
heard from someone that this occassionally happens to him - but I've never
successfully viewed the routing table.

I'm pretty sure I've got everything configured correctly - ifconfig shows 
the expected three interfaces: loopback, ethernet, and serial.

Any ideas why?  If so, please help!

Kevin Traas
ValleyNet Hardware/Software Committee Chair &		Abby:  (604) 859-9741
Head System Administrator				Chwk:  (604) 823-4763
Central/Upper Fraser Valley, BC, Canada			Miss:  (604) 859-9741
Toll Free Pager:  (604) 918-2054 
Alternate E-Mail: ktraas@uniserve.com

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