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Re: Moving files to a new partition. Please help.

Hi Adam, You wrote:
 Adam> Thank you all for your help, but the command I ended up using
 Adam> was this:
 Adam> cd /mnt find ./ | grep -v ./mnt | grep -v ./proc | cpio -p
 Adam> mkdir proc mkdir mnt # 'find ./' find ALL files, starting at
 Adam> the root directory. # 'grep -v ./mnt' Lets all lines pass
 Adam> through that DON'T contain './mnt', ie the new hard drive. #
 Adam> 'grep -v ./proc' Lets all lines pass through that DON'T contain
 Adam> './proc', to stop a nasty neverending loop. # 'cpio -p' Each
 Adam> line input to this command is open for input as a file, and
 Adam> then written to the current directory.
 Adam> I then shutdown, swapped the harddrives on the cables, and
 Adam> booted off floppy. Reran LILO, and all was well.
 Adam> Setup before: /dev/hda = 420 MB HD mounted on / /dev/hdc
 Adam> = 540 MB HD mounted on /mnt Using LILO to boot off
 Adam> /dev/hda Setup after: /dev/hda = 540 MB HD mounted
 Adam> on / /dev/hdc = 420 MB HD not mounted Using LILO
 Adam> to boot off /dev/hda Adam Heath doogie@shianet.org
 Adam> http://www.geocities.com/Siliconvalley/Park/6562/
there are alot of way to do this using tar and cpio
but why if we have GNU cp?

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