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lprng problems;

Hi folks. I'm experimenting with lprng on a client machine,
the server is still running the normal BSD lpr/lpd for now.

/etc/printcap says

lp|bj20|epson printer


This works fine for root;

[7:56pm] root@hamishpc:/etc# lpq
Printer: lp is bj20@silly.rising.com.au
no entries
[7:57pm] root@hamishpc:/etc# lpq -Pps
no entries

but not for a user;

[7:58pm] hamish@hamishpc:~> lpq
Printer: lp is bj20@silly.rising.com.au
/usr/sbin/lpd: ps: Malformed from address

silly's hosts.equiv says that hamishpc is allowed to use the printers.
root can print fine to either queue from hamishpc.
However the ps queue won't work for a vanilla user.

lpr doesn't work either;

[8:00pm] hamish@hamishpc:~> ls | atp | lpr -Pps
usr/sbin/lpd: ps: Malformed from address
job 'cfA880hamishpc.rising.com.au' transfer to ps@silly.rising.com.au failed after 1 attempts

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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