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X-Window Setup Concerns

Hi Gang!

I've finally gotten to the point where I'm about to install the SVGA server
package on my system and after aborting one attempt decided I'd best check
to see what the right settings are for my monitor.  I'm a bit concerned
about accidentally frying the system (or installing it in a very
non-optimized state).

I have a very old Forefront monitor (14") that came with my Zeos computer
that I'd like to use.  In the manual it gives the following information:

Horizontal Scan Frequency: 31.468 kHz, 35.52 kHz, 35.16 kHz, 35 kHz

Vertical: 60Hz/70Hz, 87Hz (interlaced), 56Hz, 67 Hz

Resolution: 640x350/640x480/720x400/800x600/1024x768

My questions are:

Can I use the standard response options given during the server installation
process or do I need to devise some specific files to deal with the discreet
horizonal scan frequencies given?

What would be the best settings given the information listed for this monitor?

Thanks again for your very kind help!


P.S. - I am using a SpeedStar Plus VGA card (unaccelerated ET4000) and have
8 megs of motherboard memory.
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