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need help from someone who has gotten their SONY cdu31a working

Would someone who has gotten their SONY cdu31a working please walk through
the process with this user?



From: The Darter <zober@Fh-Worms.DE>
Hi Bruce!

A friend of send me this:
>Run the module configuration, and add the arguments
>        cdu31_port=3D0xXXXX cdu31a_irq=3DX
>Fill in your I/O port address and IRQ as appropriate.
>        Bruce

I have make this, but it will don't run with it. :(

This is my hardware-configuration:

	CD-ROM Sony cdu33a
		direct connected with a
	Soundblaster 16 ASP MultiCD (Hardware-IRQ on card 10)

This is the Error-Message:

	not detected the cdrom-format 
	(at every cd's)

Please, help me.

Detlef Zober

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