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Re: libelf (Re: cannot exec 'cc1')

Hi Stuart --
You asked:
> Did I forget to stick in Replaces: libelf and Conflicts: libelf in
> there somewhere? libelf0 and libelf0-dev are the current versions; libelf
> should be dead. (If I forgot to do the Replaces and Conflicts bit, bug me,
> and I'll fix it. Two minute job, and a good excuse not to study. :)

Yes, you did forget to stick in Replaces.  I noticed that I had no
trouble installing libelf0 and libelf0-dev today when libelf was installed
and libelf-dev was half-installed.  I haven't been able to fully install
libelf-dev, at least not on the most recent machine where I've installed

(For a minute there I hoped you were going to tell me why I couldn't cc1.
Any ideas?)


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