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Rex updating error (second times).

Hi all,

When I tried to update my old rex installation I got the next error
message from update menu in dselect.

> Uncompressing /install/Debian/stable/binary-i386/Packages.gz ... stdin:
> not in compressed format
> update available list script returned error exit status 1.
> Press RETURN to continue.

I checked the Packages.gz file. It was fine. What is the reason of it ?
Any idea in connection with it ?


Peter Sulyok
Department of Computer Graphics
Institute of Mathematics and Informatics
University KLTE, HUNGARY
Address: H-4010 Debrecen         Tel.: (36)-(52)-316666/2793
         Egyetem ter 1.          Fax.: (36)-(52)-416857
         PO.Box.: 12

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