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Re: gs -anitialias * cause core dump(Re: gv -antialias?)

> When I try 'gs -anitialias *.ps' it gives me a core dump. I
> have gs-aladdin_4.03-2_i386.deb

Are you sure gs dumps core or do you merely get regular gs error
messages (which usually almost look like a core dump) ?
Also, since gs does not know the option "-antialias" (or "-anitalias")
it should emit a warning  "Unknown switch -antialias - ignoring",
then display the file(s) regularly.

My guess is that you are just trying to view *.ps files which contain
postscript code ghostscript doesn't understand, that "gs *.ps" will 
also cause a core dump core for you and that what seems to be a
core dump is just an ugly ghostscript error message.

If my guess is wrong and you find problems when using 'gv -antialias
foo.ps' where foo.ps is a postscript file that can be viewed with
ghostscript, then please contact me.


Johannes Plass

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