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Re: Missing cygwin.dll for win32 cross compiler

On Thu, 24 Oct 1996, Evan Thomas wrote:

> Christian Schwarz wrote:
> > Does someone out there has a cygwin.dll for
> > win32gcc_2.7.2.cygnus.960412-1?
> [cut]
> The (less than optimal)
> solution I use is to download the Cygnus binary distribution and compile
> the application on Win95 (yuck!). The binary distribution comes with GNU
> make and FLEX (but not bison!) and other tools, so re-compiling is
> relatively painless.
But that's the advantage of a cross compiler. You can develop
software for Win95 under Linux! If I have to compile under Win95, I loose
all the advantages of Linux: X, emacs, fvwm, etc.

> Does anyone have experience compiling Cygnus' source on Linux?
Well, I think the maintainer of the win32 packages should have! I tried to
contact him but didn't get a response, yet.

I'm thinking about what sense it makes to have these Debian packages with
a cross compiler, that's lacking the necessary DLL! Getting the source
from cygnus and compiling it under Linux is not a satisfying solution,
since that's what these Debian packages are good for.

Is there someone out there that _uses_ the crosscompiler from the Debian

Perhaps I should report the missing of the DLL as a bug, since it makes
those packages useless.

Any hints?

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