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Re: better fonts?

> David Puryear <dayear@market1.com> writes:
> > How can I do this? Do I need to download the source and compile it?
> Don't know.  All I know is that you should be able to say
>   gv -antialias foo.ps
> and get antialiasing.  Unfortunately, it dies with:
>   Unknown device: x11alpha
>   Error: /undefinedfilename in --file--
>   ...

Whow, thanks.

I was in moskow when the bug was reported, and never realised it was this
important. But I think I'll recompile gs-4.03 with the x11alpha device in
tonight. (Althought I'm feeling a bit ill, anyway).

Your gs maintainer,
joost witteveen
Use Debian/GNU Linux!

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