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Re: 2 versions of some packages

> Rename the package in non-free to gs-nf.

OK, I give in.

When I took over the package, I asked on debian-devel (or was it debian-user)
what I should do, and, except for Dirk (who, incedentely, I missed
in this discussion!), nobodoy answered.

On the other hand, the serious problems people have with Debian 1.1.8,
and (I suspect 1.1.9), that they cannot install gs, are _not_ related
to the name-problem of gs, but because for some reason the current
"stable" gs version has been silently upgraded to the current
"unstable" version (which depends on lib-paper (only in unstable)).

I think in 1.1.10, gs should be downgraded again (or libpaper included).
joost witteveen
Use Debian/GNU Linux!

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