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Re: pcmcia-modules source deb?

Robert Nicholson <robert@elastica.com> writes:

> If I recompile my 2.0.6 kernel with the source in rex I'm also
> expected to have to recompile the pcmcia-modules I'm using right?

Sometimes.  It depends on what you have changed of the kernel's
configuration.  When building the PCMCIA modules, the pcmcia-cs
Configure script checks the kernel for the following:

 * PCI BIOS support
 * Advanced Power Management (APM) support
 * SCSI support
 * Networking support
 * Module version checking
 * PCMCIA IDE device support
 * Token Ring device support
 * DEC Alpha UDB target platform

> They appear to be available in deb format only as compiled against
> 2.0.6  kernels but when I put in my Hayes Optima 144 it says that the
> modules don't match the kernel.
> I don't understand why it didn't complain about my ethernet which uses
> the same module from the same binary module archive but yet it
> complains when I put in the modem so I figure I need to recompile the
> pcmcia-modules against the new kernel?

Yes.  It sounds like you have changed enough of the kernel's
configuration to require rebuilding of the pcmcia modules.  See the
debian/README file in the Debian version of the pcmcia-cs source tree
for instructions on how to recompile the modules package.


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