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Re: Elm problem

> Hello,
> 	we have the Elm package installed and people are unable to use
> it for sending e-mail which always fails with a bad call:
> sh: -oi not found
> 	I have the impression that it is trying to tag the -oi flag to
> the sendmail command but never actually adds the sendmail in
> front. Are there any patches for this problem around? It is quite
> urgent as the natives have lost all the e-mail they have sent (before
> reporting it).

I found exactly the same problem.  You're right, it seems elm is trying to
call sendmail -oi -oem, but leaving out the "sendmail" part.  I also found
that that version was not correctly installed sgid mail.  Downgrading to
the version in "stable" (elm_2.4pl25-2.deb) fixes both problems.

Andrew Booker

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