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Re: performance cost of modules?

Hi Bruce,

You wrote:
> > Does anyone know the performance cost of modules?
> They use a bit more locked-down RAM in the kernel than non-modular
> drivers, however not generally a significant amount. Execution speed
> should not be different. The thing you might be noticing is the delay
> for run-time loading a module (via "kerneld") when you open a
> particular device. If that is the case, put that module in /etc/modules
> so that it will be loaded at all times.

Thanks, kerneld was causing the slowdown. It was affecting everything. I
mean I was drawing with Gimp and noticed slowdown. When I was using gimp
there was no other programs running. I 
tried other programs and they also were some what slower. Note:
I used programs which does not use any of modules. I think part 
of the problem is I don't have fast system(486-66) so I notice 
things that effect speed more. Disabling kerneld and putting all 
the modules in /etc/modules fixed it for me. 


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