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LINUX will notfully boot

        P133, 32 MB EDO Ram, 430VX motherboard, 2MB S3 Trio V64+ (PCI)
video, 1.44MB floppy, Goldstart 8X CDROM, FUJITSU M1636TAU 1.8 hard drive
using LBA.
        Some funny error messages appear very quickly on the console when
installing LINUX (something about removable drive - can't access), but
otherwise installs fine. However, can't find files when making a boot
floppy. Also, it thinks my 430VX motherboard is a 430FX, but this should
not mather. However, when boting from the hard drive, I get a number of
different error messages or it just stops loading.
       Partition check
                hda: hda1 hda2 <hda5>
                VFS: Mounted root (ext2 filesystem) readonly
it stops. You can still type in text, but command do not work and no
prompt is shown.
Also, this is sometimes followed by
        init:(LAZY) can't handle reloc type R_386_RELATIVE
followed by the system hanging.
        Partition check:
        hda: unknown partition table
        attempt to access beyond end of device
        03:01: rw=0,wnat=2,limit=0
        FAT bread failed
        Kernel panic:VFS:Unable to mount root from 03:01
I am using version 1.1-1 (build date Sunday, July 14, 18:49.25 PDT 1996)
It is _not_ a problem with my hardware, as I can install win 95 on the
same hard drive and that runs fine. I think it might be concerned with
the LBA address getting confussed somewhere. However, LINUX does appear
to release that I am using LBA and reports the correct
sector,head,cylnder size in the booting up text.
Never has it got as far as asked me for a password.

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