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Re: 2 versions of some packages

Christian Hudon <chrish@libertel.montreal.qc.ca> writes:

> Hmm. I don't really know much about dftp, but when dpkg-ftp sees that two
> of the files it has downloaded are different versions of the same package,
> it installs the more recent version and discards the older one. Can't dftp
> do something like that? Or maybe there's something I'm missing...

Well, I'm not sure that installing the most recent one is the right
answer.  Take ghostscript for example.  There's the GNU version in
.../text and the Aladdin version in .../non-free.  Now the GNU version
should always be <= the Aladdin version since GNU repackages the
Aladdin version after it's been out for a while.  People who want an
all free software machine may prefer the GNU version even if it's

I think that it might make more sense to just disallow two packages
with the same name in a given Debian package tree.  In this case I
think we should have a virtual ghostscript package provided by both
gs-aladdin and gs-gnu, or whatever.  Then no one gets confused about
what you mean.


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