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>I imagine that the memory used by X to store the picture of the
>screen is overlapping in some way the memory where my ordinary
text fonts are being stored. What should I do?

I don't have any experience with your card, but you have 
basically two possibilities:
a) configure X to use the "right" settings, whatever that
   means. Play around with the flags, or
b) (the brute-force-approach) use `runx' to start X:
  $cat /usr/bin/runx
  # Script to save VGA textmode font, run X, and restore VGA textmode font.
  # A more rigorous alternative is to run the 'savetextmode' script before
  # running X, and 'textmode' after. This will restore the textmode 
  # and the VGA palette in addition to the VGA font.
  echo Saving font in /tmp/fontdata
  restorefont -w /tmp/fontdata
  echo Restoring font from /tmp/fontdata
  restorefont -r /tmp/fontdata     

Hope it helps.


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