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Re: [Linux-ISP] NCR 825 ctrler

On Thu, 10 Oct 1996, Ricardo Kleemann wrote:

> I saw a price list which had the NCR 825 controller, and it said it's a 
> Fast & Wide controller. Is that true? Why is it so much cheaper than the
> Adaptec, for example? Is it a poor performer? The price was about $100 
> cheaper than the adaptec.

The NCR 8xx based cards are typically very cheap and fast.  There are some
interesting comments about them in the SCSI-HOWTO.  I think they're cheap
because they are one of the first SCSI controllers to be totally
integrated into 1 chip.  The NCR 810 based card is basically one chip,
one 40mhz osscilator, a few capacitors and resistors and a PCI card. 

> > Anyone use it? Is it worth to buy it?

I've not gotten an 825 yet, but I have around a dozen 810's in use.
They've become the standard FDT SCSI card.  At about $59 each, they're
hard to pass up.  I'd get the 825 if you want fast-wide on a budget, or a
BT-958 if you're not.  I'd pass on the Adaptec since they seem to be less
cooperative about releasing programming info and the 29xx driver seems
to have been slow to stabilize because of this (I assume).

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