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TCP/IP SMB Connections

I'm about to setup a Debian Linux box on an existing TCP/IP network.
The network has 1 SCO OpenServer 5 system running as a database system,
that has about 40 incoming dedicated connections, all capable of accessing
the TCP/IP network..(Ranging from 19.2k to T1 w/frame)  What we want to is
have everyone that currently telnets in to the SCO box via Tinyterm, a dos
program, be able to access the Linux box as a SMB server.  I'll be running
the Samba Server, of course.

Which brings me to question number 1:
 Where do I get TCP/IP protocol for Windoze for Workgroupies?  Microsoft's 
 "techs" were no help.  "Whats TCP/IP?" one said.. <snicker>

And of course question number 2:
 Does anyone have any quick warnings that will save me some trouble, that
 they can let me know about?


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