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Re: manipulating the From header with smail + elm

Marcel Burggraeve writes:
-> My systemname is debian but my provider has another ( offcourse ;-)
-> When I post mail to someone via my provider I want my From header
-> looking like : graeve@cistron.nl instead of graeve or graeve@debian.
-> I've read all about smail and elm ( I think ) but cannot find a
-> solution.

smailconfig should take care of this, if you answer the questions
right :)

If you haven't changed anything by hand under /etc/smail, try running
"smailconfig --force".  It will ask you what type of mail system you
havem, you want to answer 3 for sattelite.  Then it will ask what the
system name should be on outgoing mail, type cistron.nl. Finally, it
asks you what machine to send outgoing mail to. Here, type in the name
of your mailhost.  Everything should work nicely, then.

If you've customized other things under smail, you want to edit
/etc/smail/config and add "visible_name=cistron.nl".  For more
details, do a man 5 smail.



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