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[comp.os.linux.announce] Clarification - Linux-FT, The Road Ahead

Does the main figures in the Debian community have anything to say about this?
Do you intend to cooperate in this important effort?



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                          The Road Ahead

Linux-FT is a Lasermoon Ltd product which was developed with the intention
of achieving POSIX.1 and XPG4 certification as part of a project
Lasermoon started in January 1995. Lasermoon obtained the required
licences (POSIX.1, XPG4 etc) and X/Open membership to facilitate this
fully GPL'ed effort. Unifix were involved in the development of the
distribution, and components from Linux-FT were fed back into other
Unifix products (hence the similarities). 

The technology behind Linux-FT was acquired by Caldera during 1996 and
will be incorporated into the Caldera's Linux products.

Caldera's involvement with Linux-FT has been the subject of many postings 
and press announcements over many months and details can be found on 
the Linux-FT WWW site at www.lasermoon.co.uk and Caldera (www.caldera.com).

     Unifix have no connection with, or control over Linux-FT.  Whilst
     we are flattered that Linux-FT is receiving such attention, BOTH
     Unifix GmbH and the Unifix 2.0 RELEASE HAVE NOTHING WHATSOEVER

Caldera and Lasermoon are continuing the work of developing
a truely Standards Certified/Branded Linux (released under the GPL).
Working with the orignial developers, we welcome all contributors to the 
POSIX.1 and XPG4 standardisation effort which is essential for the 
long term success of Linux. 

By working together, we can accomplish this effort in a much more 
effecive manner and comply with the licensing requirements of The Open
Group and other such organisations.

If you have any further questions concerning this post, or would like
further information about Linux-FT and its development and Linux
Certification, please contact us or check the Web : www.lasermoon.co.uk

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