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Re: Ctrl-Alt-Del doesn't work under X?

: From: Arrigo Triulzi <a.triulzi@ic.ac.uk>
: > Hello,
: > 
: > 	sorry for writing to you direct but this is urgent: it seems
: > that under the Debian X11 installation it is impossible to reboot the
: > machine at the Xlogin prompt under xdm. I know this is a Good Idea
: > (tm) but we are running dual-boot systems and this is a requirement so
: > that students can switch back to DOS when then need.
: > 
: > 	Basically, if we can't find a way of doing this we have to
: > remove Linux and we lose the chance of introducing it into the Dept.
: > 
: > 	Please let me know if you have any idea on how to get C-A-Del
: > to work at the Xlogin prompt under xdm. I have checked the HOWTO's but
: > to no avail.

We use the following solution here:
1. Creat a user "shutdown" or "reboot".
2. Give him a password.
3. Change /etc/passwd so that a) his user id is equal to root, 
		b) his home directory is some safe place
		c) his default shell is /sbin/sysdown
4. sysdown has to be a script that calls shutdown, e.g.
  /sbin/shutdown -h now
5. create a file .xsession.linux in his home directory which calls sysdown.

Attention! In this solution, everybody who knows the shutdown-passwd
can shutdown the machine even from a remote system.

Hope this meets your needs.

Best regards -- Volker

  Volker Ossenkopf,              E-mail: ossk@sol.astro.uni-jena.de

  Astrophysikalisches Institut und    \\///
   Universitaets-Sternwarte Jena     ( . . )     Tel.: 03641/630324

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