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Re: Oops! Shouldn't have deleted that file...

In article <[🔎] 325451CB.29E4F386@jax-inter.net>,
Servo  <servo@jax-inter.net> wrote:
>Uh... slight problem!
>I was screwing with Apache... a non debian version.  I wanted to
>totaly scrap the non deb version, and I deleted all the files.
>And one too many..  Mainly '/etc/init.d/apache'  
>That file shows being in the Apache 1.1.1-5(or some number like that)
>debian release, but it does not install it!!!!

Oh yeah that's a feature of dpkg actually.

If you delete a control-file, dpkg assumes you have deleted or renamed it
on purpose and it will never ever install that file again.

2 solutions:
1. Purge apache from your system (dpkg --purge) and reinstall
2. Unpack the .deb file and copy the /etc/init.d/apache from it
   (dpkg -X apache_1.1.1-5.deb /tmp/apache)

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