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Intel EtherExpress Pro problem

I understand this is the mailing address for Debian GNU/Linux questions.
I hope this is true.

I am a new debian user. I'm having a problem getting my ethernet
adapter running. My hardware platform is an Intel Pentium-S 133MHz.
Originally I had an Intel EtherExpress 16 adapter and and after
installing Debian 1.1 it seemed to work except that it would often
lock up the system during ftp etc. I found in the Linux ethernet
HOWTO that this driver had a problem. It also said that the
EtherExpress Pro/10 was supported so I begged a co-worker to trade
adapters with me. I'm now running with the new adapter but I cannot
install the driver. I get a "Initialization of eepro failed" message.
I tried "linux ether=5,0x300,eth0" command at boot time but it didn't
seem to help. BTW, this adapter is working fine under Windows-NT.

Can someone help me?


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