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Re: Buslogic SCSI

Ricardo Kleemann <ricardo@americasnet.com> writes:
> So what would you say is the best performing SCSI controller (in wide or 
> ultra flavor)? Is the 2940UW the best?

I have no benchmarks, but I am partial to the DPT controllers.  I've
got the Fast SCSI-II (PM2124) in my desktop machine, and the Fast-Wide
SCSI-II (PM2124W) in our Debian-based web server, and they have both
been rock solid and excellent performers.  Setup is a breeze.

And if you want you can add cache (though I'd probably just add more
main memory) and/or hardware RAID later.

Plus, Mike Neuffer works for i-Connect, which means I know where to
find him...:-)


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