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Re: sanyo cdrom (crd-256P)

Hi Richard --

You asked:
> A new debian installer has asked me to inquire whether anyone has experience
> with the subject cdrom unit - his installation won't recognize it. At this
> writing I have asked him to determine more e.g.
> 	- is it IDE
> 	- is it ATAPI
> 	- what debian version is being used
> But in the meantime I thought I'd see if this cdrom unit was familiar to
> someone here.

>From DejaNews, it appears this is an ATAPI CD-ROM.  

Perhaps you should also ask the installer to tell you exactly how it fails;
i.e., what messages he sees on boot up, and what happens when he executes
a mount command:
   mount -t iso9660 /dev/hdc /cdrom
(hdc assumes the drive is master on the secondary IDE controller.)

Good luck,
Susan Kleinmann

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