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Re: Two system admin suggestions, where to post them?

Amos Shapira:
> and suchlike, I'd rather like to have a command to turn features off
> and on, like IRIX' chkconfig(8).  The idea is that the init scripts
> use this command to check simple text files that contain "off" or "on"
> for each feature and act accordingly.

A simple on/off is inadequate. I put a prototype I wrote recently
on http://www.iki.fi/liw/programs/cfgtool.tar.gz (it's not there yet,
but should be in about twelve hours).

(Support for boolean and other data types is not in prototype, so
you'd have to write it as:

case `cfgtool --get has-x11` in
	yes)	... ;;

> 2. I also miss the "autologin" feature from IRIX.

_I_ would hate that. I've spent way too much to customize my xdm
screen to like autologin. ;-)

Seriously, sounds like a good idea for situations where console
security is not required.

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