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Re: Lynx and binary files

> > (a)   Content-type: application/GNU Compr. Tar
> >
> > (b)   Content-type: text/plain
> >
> > The question now is, who tells lynx to identify these files?
> It's normal - look at lynx.cfg file and modify it - it should contain lot
> of lines with first word SUFFIX (it tels how to transfer different filetypes)
> an add lines like:
> SUFFIX:.deb:application/octet-stream
> SUFFIX:.tgz:application/octet-stream
> I think that in Debian version of Lynx file lynx.cfg should at least contain
> first line!!!

If Lynx reads /etc/mime.types, then both of these are already defined.

	application/x-debian-package	deb
	application/x-gtar		gtar tgz
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