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!HELP! How to avoid the mail-lock (fetchpop / popclient)

Hello fellow debians,

Last week, I moved over from slackware 3.0 to debian 1.1. What a 
relief, really, except for one thing: my connection with the world. 
Everything installed just fine, However, my mail really bothers me.

Here, at my work I have to retrieve my mail from a novell server. I 
can do this by `fetchpop' or `popclient'. This is all right, but when 
I'm usingthe mailagent  Pine as an ordinary user, I only can read the 
inbox file, but I cannot alter it: pine can't get the mailbox lock 
from the incoming folder. However, as root I do not have a problem.

Last night, I managed to work my way around the problem with 
chmod-ding some directories and files. But at the xx-th startup, 
Everything was ruined again. For deleting my mail, I  have to use W95 
again (arghhh...)

If someone can help me with this problem, I would be very, very 

thanks in advance,


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