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Babel installation fix?

Last week I tried to remove and then reinstall Babel3.6-4 and faced the
same bug that someone wrote about last week (I had previously sent a bug
report in to the bug-reports address). The error involved MakeTeXTeX
filling the drive with the endless loop of trying to make a non-existent
(that I can have yet to find) manfnt.mf (if I remembering correctly).

dpkg now sees this package sitting there broken. it can't install it and
it can't purge it because it always gets stuck in this loop.

I haven't heard anything back about either the bug report or the message
in this list.

How can this be fixed?

So far anything I've wanted to install has gone very smoothly. Do I have
to completely remove TeX and then reinstall it? (ugh) or is there someway
to get Babel to either get installed or purged (I really don't need it,
but it won't hurt to have it there)

I was content to just have it sit there broken while waiting for word from
someone, but now I find that I can't use TeX or LaTeX because it thinks
Babel is still there and functional.

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