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Re: Booting problems

> From: "David C. Winters" <winters@giri.intro.cs.cmu.edu>
> > 	I'm running into a problem with one, lone Linux box right now.
> > After the BIOS bootstraps, the drive and CD-ROM and recognized, and the 3.5"
> > floppy is seen, instead of saying "LILO" as a preface to LILO's booting into
> > Linux, the following comes up:
> > xFA:

On Sun, 25 Aug 1996, Bruce Perens wrote:
> This is from Debian's master boot record. Press "2" to boot partition 2,
> 'F' to boot the floppy, etc. I suggest you re-install the LILO package and
> say "no" to the first question (which asks if you want to use the existing
> LILO configuration) and "yes" to all subsequent questions.

	(It took me a while to put out some fires, now I'm back to this...)
I reinstalled LILO, according to these directions.

> Either the partition is not bootable for some reason, or you have a shift key
> down when the system boots. Otherwise you would not see this.

	Pressing "F" at the "2FA:" prompt does boot it from the floppy, but
pressing "2" does not boot it off of /dev/hda2.  I checked the partitioning
using both cfdisk and fdisk--both agree that /dev/hda2 is active.  I'm
beginning to wonder if something's scrambled in the MBR at the physical

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