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Re: How to migrate a Debian system to another hard drive?

> Nono no no... please don't rely on such features of GNU software. This
> will NOT work with a generic cp on other systems. Please use either a
> piped tar or a cpio,afio or whatever else. The cp method mentioned above
> is definitely not the way to solve such general unix administration tasks.

I don't agree with the above (if you have a choice).

In the Unix-haters guide, they raised some good points, but most of them
had be addressed by free software.

On my sun, the only thing its software is good for is bootstrapping other
packages (I rarely use sun cc -- I don't even know what the sun debugger
is called anymore (dbx?)  

Doing cp -a -x / mnt is the way I prefer to move /.

A piped tar method is good for understand how it works academically, but I'd
rather not type it in .

Any since this is debian-users not unix-questions, GNU cp is one of the
bests ways,  but not portable.

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