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Problem with Netscape 3.0x on Linux

I am having a problem, probably not unique to Debian, on my Linux
machine.  The problem is the print command produces an error in the
postscript output that will not allow it to print.  When I further
test by printing output to a file, and try to preview with
ghostscript, gs cannot interpret it correctly either.

I have 2.0.17 of the kernel, very current 1.1 Debian distribution, and
v 3.0-elf of netscape.  I first saw the problem in one of the v 3.0
betas, but did not realize it.

Anyone else having a similar problem?  I've seen alot of Java-related
problems on the newsgroups, but not this one.

BTW, all other ps output prints fine to the same printer.

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