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Re: Reorganizing linux.* hierachy

In article <502r6l$i9l@miriam.fuller.edu>,
Christoph Lameter <clameter@miriam.fuller.edu> wrote:
>I think we should do the following.
>1. Map all high traffic groups / mailing lists linux.xxx to
>   comp.os.linux.*

No, *please* don't do this with, for example, linux.dev.kernel. It has
enough junk in it as it is; spreading this through all of usenet will make
the group useless. The real kernel hackers will find a new mailinglist
and use that instead (in fact that's already happening at the moment,
as I understand) and it will leave you with another group with lots of
traffic and no actual content.

>2. reorganize the linux.* groups to throw obsolete things out.

Some FAQ or document that says which groups exist and which are obsolete
would help; I would like to remove disfunctional groups on our newsserver

>3. Make all groups non-moderated. The current setup is a major
>   speed problem.

Remember linux.* is really a gateway to a mailing list. BTW, do you
have your moderators file set up right? When I post something in linux.*,
it shows up on our news server within a matter of _minutes_. You do have
"linux.*:submit-%s@ratatosk.yggdrasil.com" in your moderators file, right?

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