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Re: using procmail with emacs RMAIL

>>>>> On Sat, 24 Aug 96 17:42 EDT, Stephen Masterman <floyd@animals.mit.edu> said:
 Stephen> Can someone point me to info for the quickest, easiest way to use
 Stephen> procmail with Emacs RMAIL to separate, say, the debian list into a
 Stephen> separate folder?  I normally have no problem putting hours into
 Stephen> something like this, but lately I'm incredibly busy and there seems
 Stephen> to have been loads of traffic on debian recently, so that I'd really
 Stephen> like to get it working as quickly as possible.

I switched to MH about a year ago, so this is just theory:

1) set up procmail
(with ~/.forward, etc) as explained by Dirk in a previous message

2) set up your ~/.procmailrc 
# Please check if all the paths in PATH are reachable, remove the ones that
# are not.
LOCKFILE=$MAILDIR/.lockmail # default lock

# default action: keep in username mailbox

# Debian mailing lists go into ~/debian/inbox
* ^X-Loop:.*@lists.debian.org

3) from emacs,
do M-x rmail-input RET ~/debian/rmail RET 
to open/create the file ~/debian/rmail

4) in that buffer,
do M-x set-rmail-inbox-list RET inbox RET
to explain rmail where to get new messages from.

This all should work, now you only got to debug! ;-)


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