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Re: gcc can't find termcap library

-> The Debian termcap package is only intended for run-time use to allow
-> old and non-Debian programs compiled with termcap to work.  Any new
-> programs should be compiled with ncurses.

From: "Larry 'Daffy' Daffner" <vizzie@pinky.mimosa.org>
> This is not necessarily always possible. The one case I know about is
> when a program uses "varargs" instead of the newere, ANSI-standard
> "stdarg".

There is no varargs.h in libc5-dev_5.2.18-9 . Maybe older versions
contain it. Porting a program from varargs to stdarg is extra-trivial,
and I don't know why it would not have been done for any software but
the most dusty decks by now.

Please do not link libtermcap with any new software. It is there only for
run-time compatibility with software built on other Linux distributions.
It is definitely not supported for software development.


	Bruce Perens
	Debian Project Leader

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