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libwww-perl installation incomplete

  I downloaded checkbot <http://dutifp.twi.tudelft.nl:8000/checkbot/>
  which is used to verify links in Web pages, but the current version
  of the libwww-perl package:
	libwww-perl  <none>      5.00-1

  is incomplete.  In particular, it does not install the HTML
  sub-package.  Running checkbot reveals and undefined reference to
  the HTML methods (unfortunately, I no longer have the error
  message).  Could this be user headroom on my part or shall I submit
  a bug report?  After obtaining the sources to libwww-perl and
  installing, I got past the errors above (although now it's dying
  from an internal bug--sigh).

  Is anyone out there familiar with checkbot?  Or do you use a better

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