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Re: Linux as a 100Mb/sec router?

Hi Gordon (Gordon works for my NSP :-)

On Fri, 9 Aug 1996, Gordon Henderson wrote:

> Anyone using Linux with Dec ethernet 100Mb ethernet cards? I'm wondering
> if it's suitable as I have an application that might need 2 x 100Mb ports
> and a 10Mb port - thinking of running it on a P120. 

Haven't tried 100Mb yet but the best bet seems to be cards based on the 
DEC Tulip chipset - like the SMC EtherPower 10/100

> It would need to run gated & take a full routing table ( >37K routes). Is 
> Linux up to that yet - I havn't been following any of the networking or 
> routing lists as of late - still running 1.2.13!

I'll let you know in a week or two :-)

I've almost finished getting gated 3.6a2 going under Debian. Large 
routing table don't appear to be a problem as of 1.3.x as a new radix 
tree-like method was implemented. Indeed I've been let to believe that 
37K routes would only take up about 8Mb of memory.

I'm planning to buy a Sangoma sync card and try full BGP4 peering with it 
via a new Internet link I'm going to order. Then I'll be building 
another box to connect to VBC ;-)

Drop me a private email and I'll bring you up to speed.


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