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Re: MBONE crashes

>in case some MBONE maniac is out there...
>I've just modified the 2.0.6 kernel for multicast support, and I started
>mrouted ver 3.8. It looked fine, and we manage to establish a "tunnel"
>with another remote machine connected with the rest of MBONE. But every
>time I start vat or nv on a machine in the same local network where the
>Linux mrouted runs, the Linux box crashes leaving a lot of messages in
>/var/log/messages, starting with: 
>Aug  9 10:59:28 smallLinux kernel: general protection: 0000
>Aug  9 10:59:28 smallLinux kernel: CPU:    0
>Aug  9 10:59:28 smallLinux kernel: EIP:    0010:[<00143c9b>]
>Aug  9 10:59:28 smallLinux kernel: EFLAGS: 00010202
>Aug  9 10:59:28 smallLinux kernel: Aiee, killing interrupt handler
>Aug  9 10:59:28 smallLinux kernel: kfree of non-kmalloced memory:
>Can somebody help me?
Wow! This sounds interesting.  I had been thinking about installing
MBONE on my Linux box.  If you get this to work, will you consider
creating a .deb?

There is a group, and a particular leader of that group, that are into
MBONE, and I believe have installed MBONE on Linux.

Please see hi home page and contact directly if you are interested.



Keep up the good work...

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