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Re: unreliable service of I-Connect

On Tue, 6 Aug 1996, Joshua Stockwell wrote:

> I ordered my cd July 26, a little over a week ago, and I still haven't
> received it either. I wish they wouldn't post that they can ship in
> 2-3 days if they can't. That's very frustrating, I've preped my system
> and all I'm waiting for is the distribution.
> I'm going to call and tell them if I don't receive it this week I'm
> canceling my order.

I'm sorry to but in here, but I feel I must comment.

If you are impatient after only waiting a week (or three in the case of
the Israel order) you need to kick back and chill out a bit. Joshua in
particular needs to get a grip. I ship CDs both inside and outside the US
and have often had shippments take more than a week inside the US. Outside
the US, an AirMail posting from New Zealand took almost 4 weeks to get
here, and my AirMail deliverys to Europe take a good solid 3 weeks. So, be
patient and don't lay all the blame on Simon.

Technically, I am in "competition" with I-connect (and the rest of the
world) for CD sales, but (as far as I know) Simon and I are friends and
associates, and I must say that I know Simon to be honest and trustworthy,
and as dedicated a person as I have know in this group. Those who have
complained about the poor service, will, I hope, spread the responsibility
for the delays more evenly on the rest of the people that are in your
"critical path" and not heap it all on one person, who is doing his best
to provide service.

Soapbox mode off,


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