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I'm a new user of the Linux-system especially Debian-Linux. I recieved a CD
from you from July.
I've got a problem if a want to install other programs on my system:
I already installed the base-system and that's all. Now I want to install
X11, but if I start 'dselect` and say, that I want to install from CD the
program doesn't find a path on CD. The program want to know the top level of
the Debian system. If I enter a path (for example: /contrib), the program
says that the directory `/contrib/stable/binary-i386' doesn't exists. So I
look on the CD and there's no directory called `.../stable/...'. What have I
done wrong or what's  wrong with the program/CD?
Is there another way to install other programs (like the (Win-)DOS-emulator
or editors...)

Oliver Resch

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