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Re: netscape

> > >	i installed netscape_3.0-beta4-1.deb tonight and it said that i
> > >needed "netscape-v30b4-export.i586-unknown-linux-elf.tar.gz|Z" in the
> > >directory. Well  ^^^^^ this is all v30b5 in the ftp.netscape.com
> > >What do i have to do to get netscape running?
> > 
> > You could try renaming the file.  I don't imagine that the differences

> > between the two are very drastic. 
> Well the message i got from dpkg stated "do not just rename..." guess i
> could try it but are there any other options that someone may know of.
That won't work.  I tried.  It puked after a while.  The maintainer needs
to update it.

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