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Re: Moving Directories

: How about (assuming that you can rsh on the other-machine)
: 	  tar cfp - /from/where/it/starts | (rsh other-machine tar xvfp -)

 This rsh thing is very nice, ASSUMING THAT YOU CAN RSH ON THE

---> rsh -l remote_user_name remote_host
     ASKS FOR A PASSWORD and gives a shell, that's ok.

---> rsh -l remote_user_name remote_host date
     gives just a Permission denied. :-(.
     Is there a way to make rsh ask for a password in this case?

     with the needed entry in  ~/.rhosts 
---> rsh -l remote_user_name remote_host date
     gives an innocent but annoying error message:
stdin: is not a ttystty: standard input: Invalid argument
Thu Jul 25 09:08:51 MET DST 1996


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