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crc error<5> on root disk..


I'm attempting to do a fresh Linux install using Debian 1.1.
Unfortunately, when I try to boot up with the disks I made, I
get a "crc error<5>" when I insert the root disk.  I have
already tried re-downloading the boot and root disks from
ftp.debian.org and using fresh 1.44 floppies.. but, I get
the same problem.

Just for further information, I did pick up the boot1440.bin
and root.bin files from the Debian1.1/disks-i386 directory
and I'm using rawrite 2.0 for creating the disks.


Richard Dansereau
Email: rdanse@pobox.com          Home page:  http://pobox.com/~rdanse
Electrical and Computer Engineering - University of Manitoba - Canada

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