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Re: PPP link kills routing table

>>>>> "Eric" == Eric Hoeltzel <erick@sequim.sequim.com> writes:

Eric> I have had the same problem, I think, for some time. After
Eric> connecting to my isp's dialup with ppp route will just hang as
Eric> Mark mentioned. I have just merrily ignored it and manually
Eric> typed 'route add -net default ppp0' and then it works. Not a big
Eric> inconvienence, but I have been curious why this happens.  I do
Eric> have defaultroute in my /etc/ppp/options.

Eric> Eric Hoeltzel (erick@sequim.com)

Try doing a "route -n".  This will list the routing table numerically
- if you have no route to the nameserver listed in /etc/resolv.conf,
then you can at least still get some feedback on routes that DO
exist.  Sorry that I can't help on your REAL problem of getting
default routes right...


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