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linking with termcap under 1.1

I'm running a 1.1 system upgraded from 0.93R6.  I'm trying to compile
CNS kerberos, and it is failing to link telnet due to the '-ltermcap'.
This worked under 0.93R6.  I see that termcap-compat provides a .so,
but no .sa, and I think that is a.out anyway.  ncurses3 seems to
provide termcap man pages and headers, but no libtermcap.  Do I just
need to remove -ltermcap and add -lcurses or something like that, or
am I missing some termcap functionality?  Any hints would be greatly
appreciated.  (All else is working smoothly.)

	Greg Troxel <gdt@work.lexort.com>

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