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Re: 3 Questions

On Sun, 16 Jun 1996, Mark Phillips wrote:

> 1. How does TERM get set?

TERM is set from the kernel in init/main.c to linux.  init, login, et
al, propagaate it.

>  When bash is the login shell for a user, it
> seems that TERM gets set to linux when logging in from the console.
> But when I changed my shell to tcsh, TERM no longer gets set to linux
> as it should.  Why?

Perhaps your .tcshrc or .cshrc is messing with it.

> P.S. Is there any advantage to using bash instead of tcsh?  Does bash
> have all the features that tcsh has?

Read "csh programming considered harmful".  Just do a web search and
you'll have many hits.

> # pppd -d -detach /dev/cua1 &

Use "ppd -d /dev/cua1" instead, and your program will go away.

> Also, why is there no "ppp-off" script included with the ppp package?

There is - /etc/ppp/ip-down

> 3. My machine name is "destiny", yet I cannot rlogin to my own
> machine.  When I type "rlogin destiny" I get:
> destiny.phillips.com.au: No route to host

>               destiny.phillips.com.au destiny

> I would have thought though that doing "rlogin destiny" would use the
> "lo" interface?

Look at what you've told it destiny's address was.


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