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Re: man dpkg

In message <199606151206.AA08173@adam.ist.flinders.edu.au> you write:
|I wrote:
|>Is it true that there is not manual entry for dpkg or dselect?!
|>My system doesn't think there is.

dpkg doesn't have a manual page.  instead it has a page inviting people
to write one.

|Come to think of it, my system doesn't think there are ANY manual
|I just tried typing "man man" and this is what happened:
|(mark, destiny, ~)> man man
|No manual entry for man
|Why doesn't man find any man pages?

"dpkg -S /usr/man/man1/man.1" revealed to me that this file belongs to
the "man" package.  Do you have it installed (test with "dpkg -l man")?



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