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Re: X-window keys

On Fri, 14 Jun 1996, Max Hyre wrote:

>    Rather, ``why X comes right back after dying''?  After ctl-alt-bs,
> X does indeed appear to die---everything goes black, I see the virtual
> terminal from which I started xdm momentarily, then I'm back in X
> again.

Well, that's exactly what xdm is intended for.  xdm tries to keep an 
xserver running permanently, so that you can always login to the system 
using a nice graphical login prompt dialog box.  In general, the purpose 
of xdm is to keep the machine running X all the time, and that's what 
it is doing now in your machine.

If you want to run X only from time to time, just say startx from your
usual text shell.  That way, you'll get a normal X session, that you'll be
able to finish with ctrl+alt+backspace, or better, stopping your window 
manager (or whatever other program you have at the end of your .xinitrc 


M. S.
Martin A. Soto J.                           Profesor
Departamento de Ingenieria de Sistemas y Computacion
Universidad de los Andes      masoto@uniandes.edu.co

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